LIFE …….

He ran , day after day , month after month and years passed .
The fear or was it pain , of loneliness
Not a rare disease, gripped the privileged and common alike .
It used to be last bell of school which brought big smile & enthusiasm
has changed into refusal to leave after long work hours.
Did something die inside, the stench of that rat was there ! or is it.
Lost friends , family , the carcass of time in his head.
The truth , only a rational mind, view of an eagle
, neither the mud nor high savanna grass what matters but
his destination after he conquers and the joy , tingle of hard time memory .
After all the destination is only one , the sweet inevitable .

About Author – PSB II

The human form

Ever thought what our purpose on this planet earth is. It’s a question that has been asked by many of us for centuries .

We take birth, grow in a society absorbing good & evil with equal fervor. Over time we become master in learning, from how to ride a bicycle, to some who even can fly a space shuttle. But and its as big but ; how many us have consciously  learned  how to unlearn .

Though it looks not very important at surface but so many things we have taken up in our journey of life that needs to do away with.

Our experience, personal , borrowed or lack of it forms the habits that gives us illusion of necessary skill for survival . For example , a cone artist fools people by misleading his subjects into believing on him. Does his tricks run for long , of course not. Only his action not only damages his credibility but gives society the idea that many among us can be like him thereby creating lack of trust on our fellow being.

Until and unless we learn to first identify the undesirable habits and experience which may not be cleansed by mere dip in holy Ganga but may require the art or better to say science discovered and learned on her bank by the saints for thousands of year called Meditation .


foresee it ………

Since ancient times, we have tried to predict the future . Many of us , especially our elder generation ; the first thing  they do when they get their hands on newspaper is to read is to read predictions of the day according to their “Rashi”. The more TV addicts hear these predictions by self-proclaimed Babas

Wearing designer kurtas , Rudrakhs and having long tilak of sandal wood on their forehead early in the morning .

But the debate that if future can be foretold or luck can be created is still far from over . many rituals and acts we do in the name of creating good luck and better future ( at least in India).

But what is luck?

Can it be affected or controlled?

And many more questions about it that yet to be answered my human kind.

If we try to define luck, the first thing that comes to our comes to our mind are the good incidents ( or co incidents ) that may happen in future favorable to us.

If we try to analyze it, let say total no. of incidents with a person in the future be denoted by universal set U. and G be set the good  incidents which may happen and the person is planning & doing hard work to achieve them. Let L set denotes any good incidents hence luck.



In the figure , the  boundaries of set L  can grow to become universal set U or diminishes to become the subset G or further diminishes to  become a point (void).

A little consideration will show that the boundaries sink of L below boundaries of G will face high resistance hence unlikely bot possible.

If we study this Venn diagram closely and relate to our lives , we can understand that set G is something that is in our hands and hence if we plan things that matter to us properly and work hard to achieve it , the set G will grow in size and hence will resist any attempt of L to diminish .

Although set G is in our hands , the set L is result of collective events happening because of interaction of humans as well as environmental factors .It looks like  to control set L which is luck combined efforts are  required in  our part.

After all our religions are teaching the same thing for centuries ………..


Born In The Times ……..

I thank my friend and old classmate PSB-II for coercing me consistently to write this post. This is my first attempt at writing which is not for any exam, test, report, or amorous proposal, etc. 😉

In this article I want to illustrate that how fortunate is the Indian generation born in the nineties of the last century. I would say they have got the best of both worlds. This generation was born in the times when the world witnessed the most dramatic and tangible changes in almost every field from politics to sciences.

For millennia most of the human race toiled with little or no hope for themselves as well as their kids. Masses were kept in the darkness. They were cheated, looted, humiliated and yet they submitted to their masters with full faith. They were ignorant. They were like the elephant that is gloriously ignorant of its own strength and follows every instruction of a small and frail mahout. The last century saw unprecedented growth in scientific research and the human body got some dignity as machines took his place in various arena of life. However the rural and semi urban India were still devoid of modern equipments with exceptions of trains, torches, and cycles. Then in the 1990s the liberalization happened. India threw her doors open for industries and Indians surged to a new life full of growth and optimism. Nevertheless, the real revolution was brought by information technology, the redeemer of Indian engineers.

We started our elementary education with just a chalk, a slate, and a primer which contained alphabets of our native tongues as well as the language of the world along with numbers and by the time we entered into universities we carried the world held firmly in our palms tapping our fingers on touch screens conversing and learning on the go.

Our mornings in childhood started with our bodies being woken torturously by our parents. By the time we got up mother will be cooking in kitchen and father shaving, both shouting our names alternatively. Devotional songs played on Akashvaani channel of All India Radio in the background. We hurriedly brushed our teeth sometimes swallowing the toothpaste and took bath with cold water irrespective of weather conditions. By the time we dressed, our minds thought of a reason that could relieve us from going to the concentration camp called school. We could never convince our parents that we had a genuine headache or stomachache unless it was accompanied by a fever or loose motions. Our hands dipped the rolled chapattis into hot tea or milk and mouths gulped the same listening to father’s rants on how the marks in unit tests have not been satisfactory. Mother always insisted we had an extra chapatti. It was a humungous task for our parents to get us on school buses, rickshaws or vans.

Once in school we all behaved like a herd of buffaloes doing whatever the teacher instructed us to do. An I-will-beat-shit-out-of-your-arse look of teacher made us pee in our pants and we all had classmates who donned villain roles perfectly by bullying us to let them have a peek into our lunchboxes and see our parathas vanished in no time. Broken pencils, disfigured notebooks, torn shirts, and scratched limbs were usual affairs during recess. In spite of these eventful happenings we never forgot to enjoy that time which went off in a jiffy. The last bell was a song of redemption to our parched souls. Shooting from the classroom to the school gate in the shortest path possible was a sight to behold.

Back in home the gala time began. Post lunch kids of the colony would gather and played plethora of games like ice-water (barf-paani), hide and seek (luka-chhipi), catch me if you can (chhuchhualla), ludo, carom, doctor-patient, raja-manthri-chor-sipahi and what not.

Arrival of father brought the drudgery back. We stealthily sneaked into our own houses took the books, stared into them, and completed the burden called homework till we were called for dinner which we had silently for father’s watchful eyes never left the region where we sat.

Life back then was more of dreams. The salaries of our fathers never fulfilled our wants. “Father, I want xyz” statement always got a standard reply “kyon? Paise kya ped pe ugte hain” (Why do you want xyz? Money doesn’t grow on trees). We never got what we wanted instantly. Fulfilling basic needs was in itself a grueling task. The flow of money always seemed to be insufficient. This taught us to improvise and use. Jugaad was our friend indeed. Newspapers were used to cover our books and notebooks. Pencils were used till they disappeared. Pages of notebooks of previous years were used for rough work. Books changed many hands until they became ancient or the courses changed. When electronic items like radio and tape recorders went sick the first aid was always attempted at home. The cause of sickness of these items more often used to be the youngest male kid at home. Old clothes reincarnated into various forms to serve us till the last thread was utilized. Eating out or packaged food was never an option. From regular food to special food everything was prepared at home. Nimboo pani and mango panaa were drinks. Kids became prime entertainer when any guest arrived at home. Reciting nursery rhymes, singing some song, dancing and answering general questions in front of guests made parents feel proud of their offspring who on other days is always a monkey or a donkey. Dreaming about the things one did not possess was a favorite pass time. We dreamt of what we will do once we get the possession of that much wanted thing, whom we will share with and not, and so on. One day we thought ourselves as a policeman who is catching thieves gallantly on another day we became superman saving people from rogues. We were heroes of our dreams.

Then arrived new millennium and slowly the effects of the liberalization started showing up. Markets were getting filled with diverse products of same and different kinds. Gadgets like walkman, radios, and tape-recorders gave way to mp3 players, CDs & DVDs. While we were getting used to these works of wonder, mobile phones flooded the markets. Slowly we took to the alphanumeric keypads of those phones but in no time touch screens made their way to our palms. Every passing day is making the phone of previous year look like ancient. Technology is changing at never seen pace. At least my mind is dazed to witness all my dreams materializing within so less time. We are the only generation who used letters, postcards, mobile messages (SMS), emails, Facebook messenger, and now WhatsApp messages with same dexterity. Food habits also changed considerably. Noodles, macaroni, pasta, pizzas, burgers and various beverages have become a part of our daily cuisine.

No other generation has grown up with technology as well as geopolitical and social changes as we have. The generation older than us spent its childhood as well as early youth in the same old license raj India. The only innovation in their times were color television and Bajaj Chetak scooter. Even now most of them are slow at responding to new technology. They are the most patient one. Conservatism and risk averseness describes that generation best. The generation after us is born into fast moving era. They are the most impatient lot. They want everything to be done instantly. They are turning out to be smarter don’t want to struggle.

We, the kids of nineties can adapt to any situation with élan. We have perfect combination of patience as well as risk taking abilities, we are rooted to our cultures but won’t mind to explore and learn from others. No generation was like us and none will be. So let us celebrate our uniqueness and make best use of it to serve ourselves as well as the society with all our might. Wish you well. Thank you for reading.

About Author – kalamwallah

Brick by brick lets create our very own castle

All weigh a few kilograms when born. The more kilograms one is born above normal lesser may he/she survive. We keep adding a little nourishment everyday and achieve youth, the all powerful and full of life.  So, probably a good start doesn’t matter (or worse can weigh us down) but yes, like being born, a start matters a lot. I am no statistician but If I am allowed to guess then I would say that the demon of “no-start” has shredded many aspirations born out of virtuous existence by his procrastination spell. 
There are starters and then there are non-starters. Starters start and start moving and non-starters keep planing about starting someday dividing the world into “have’s” and “have-nots” (my apologies Marx). But being human and and accepting our humane complexities lets confess that the world is not black and its not white, the world is grey, with hell lot of shades. 
The tragedy is not that there are just starters and non-starters but there are starters turning into non-starters and if we consider the time lag between starters and they turning into non-starters then few will give up on first move of pick-axe and few will give up just before the final dig which would have revealed the treasure turning up their fortune. So, literally there exists a vast spectrum of folks who start but dont finish making our world a grey on. 
The width of spectrum classifying starters who dont finish is mind numbing and one cannot help but bump into such failures quite often where they missed it my an inch or the miles altogether. 
So, start is good but taking the baby steps with resolute consistency towards set goal till the finish is important too hence be a starter and a finisher too. We dont have to move fast but just keep moving like baby steps. The compounding effect of such consistent effort can lead to success beyond initially imagined. 
We overestimate what we can achieve in a day and we under-estimate what we can achieve in an year. So, lets plan our day with a promise of realistic effort towards our aim and lets take our baby steps with consistency and realize the great goal we set for ourselves by power of compounding. Lets make our own castle by adding brick every day, may be just one but add your brick everyday for sure.


About Author – PSB I


I am what I am and I would always like to be what I like to be when I think what I should be. I have had a childhood which only I have had and all of you folks also have had a childhood which only you have had and I don’t know a heck about it. So I cannot be you and you cannot be me what childhood has made out of us.

I think, I wonder and I dream of fairies, stars, superheroes and my parents hiding a  big fortune from me which suddenly will be revealed to me someday may be that I am a prince of some sultanate with naked girls running around wooing me to the hilt. I too have dreams which are dreamy and at times pure nasty in a very perverting way. I feel for people when life is not poking me from all sides by giving all what I need. I too think of myself as a special child of god with a purpose specifically designed for me and god watching me from up above guiding me and also recording of my good deeds versus misdeeds.

I too have a story which I think is interesting and I don’t care if you don’t find it interesting. If you don’t listen to my story then I will make my grandchildren hear it because they have to.

I too have my own inspirations and aspirations and I don’t want to change them because you think its not correct, and even if it is not correct then still I want to go ahead with my own mistakes because they are mine and I am possessive, please suck on that. Let me do it and, let me commit my own mistakes and when I come back crying to you, if at all I do, then you get the chance to say things which you are saying right now which is both pre-mature and immature! Or also, if you think really hard, you can just hug me when I come crying to you, wont it be sheer beautiful.

If am dying can you bring me back to life? If I am broke, will you pay for my food? If I am incarcerated will you agree to do my jail term? Then why you have to do and say things affecting me when you cant do much good to me? Why you will say small things, bad things about my eating, sleeping, loving and wearing when I and only me is doing them without even a wisp of its air affecting you hairstyle. If you don’t like something then why you have to damage it, why you can’t just smile and never look at me again?

Why you make my life more difficult when you also have the choice to make it easier by following a simple rule of ‘minding you own business’!

But by telling you what to do and what not do and when you do than  how to do, I am turning myself into you, so I will stop but one truth still is conspicuous and that is that in life anytime I can be you and you can be me because in all ways I am as much you as you are me.



Ever been to some new place?

The feeling of awkwardness, new people , new place , new responsibilities  whether it’s a job , new school or a new city .

It is always an issue how to deal with those judgmental eyes of the persons around us. Your every action is scrutinized,  at least an introvert person like me thinks like that.

In a new job its always very tough task  to adjust with the unknown expectation of your colleagues or bosses and any miss judgment can result into long term prejudice of yours.

So what is the way out ???

Well not an expert on that ………. But one of the possible way out of this situation is keeping a low profile in the starting. Try to be polite , be eager to learn and most of all do not show off .

After sometime people will stop judging instantly and   you will have a fare idea how to behave in the new place . Slowly by slowly you can show your personality and the talent u got without any resistance from oldies .

After all a tortoise always wins , isn’t it .

About Author – go by the call name “OREN”


Though, life has now taken away its fragrant innocence which use to surround me when I was actually quite innocent, partly because I was actually innocent and partly because life was giving me my baulk-in period sparing me from deciding on harsher things of life. The innocence is gone, the dreams are toxic by spiritual standards, blood runs green (money color) and people around are just instruments to achieve my own ends.

Notwithstanding the tragedy, the memories of foolishness and stupidity are quite enough to swell up own heart till it actually stops by old age or other intangible reasons. The life in childhood use to revolve around school, home and play-ground (when actually available). The school was fun but playground was funnier and home was the institution ensuring we get more fun then funnier. The strategy used by rulers of home was at times brute force, which I will even today say was ‘Wrong’ (yes, with a capital W) but mostly when time was not at premium and life was going good for them the grand strategy was ‘the carrot and stick’ (the great promise that if I do ‘this’ then I get ‘that’).

The terms and conditions were not at all  fare to young ones but that’s the best deal one  could get then.  One perfect example on which all would agree was the grand promise of a bicycle if one comes first in class (ha ha) or (as was for me) if one passes in a respectful manner.  Such grand promises came and busted on face inadvertently but the dreams they stirred in young innocent hearts were protracted and immense.

The dreams were favorite pastimes  then, one can spend days dreaming about some movie rerunning inside own head till the movie becomes totally alienated from what it really was. The promise of a material possession in case we could  fulfill the demand as per terms and conditions of parents gave meat to dream for months. Which , was also precisely the reason for not being able to fulfill it, Ha! The target set was obviously beyond reach and prize set is obviously quite lucrative. the best part about it were the butterflies one feels fluttering their wings, caressing insides of stomach making the world around go all dizzy in excitement.

Never did one win such a prize, may be in movies and TV, but those bets with grand prizes and a feat one could never achieve made us what we are today. We might have not realized the dreams of owning a bike or carom board or a video game (for good) but we have reached a place because of those dreams where we can dream and may be achieve them too.

About Author :-  PSB-I

Emotionless world

Humans are gifted with emotions and power to distinguish between right or wrong which makes them superior to animals. Love, care, hatred, fear, trust, etc are different shades of life and without them life would be colourless. Imagine a black and white world. How boring it looks!         Now think of life without any emotion where humans will be more like robots. This is exactly what happening. Leaving a person annoying with pain on road, ignoring a hungry child, feeling no sympathy for dying dog are some of the examples which show our shift towards emotionless world. The most ridiculous thing is that being emotional is out of fashion now a days. Everyone likes to be called practical. We want thing and persons the way we like, otherwise it hurts our ego. In this fast moving world we want to achieve everything instantly and we don’t take even a second thought before exploiting others for personal gains. We forget that a mind that leaves emotions out is impoverished. Plato said, ” All learning has an emotional base”. Emotions help us to make better decision s, perform under stress and against heavy odds. In this digital age of alienation, it is very much required to nurture our relations with emotion s and save humanity from degrading. Just think about it or be prepared for emotionless & colourless  boring world.

About Author:- goes by the call name -Nessa 

Only Up It Goes…….

I have met many People, some of them want to upgrade their lives, the other look satisfied with what they got. Many people will show that they are highly intellectual and according to them they can achieve greatness but nobody knows when, including themselves. This is very common quote that human potential is unlimited, you can do anything, can achieve  whatever you want and  whole universe will conspire to achieve it . It is true to a certain extent but to make it true to full extent we have to take care of each and every thought and action to develop your attitude and  habit of managing time efficiently. Generally 95 % people fail because they fail to leave their comfort zone which is very precious to them. They want to fulfill their dreams at their comfort zone which is not possible. Successful peoples do have their stories of risks taken by them. Unsuccessful generally  don’t have, as they never left their comfort zone. When we have nothing to lose we work well  and with full effort and after getting small rewards we started degrading yourself by settling there and playing blame games . Sometimes things seems very easy to achieve and it certainly  is but it demands devotion which cannot be provided by many of us.

After all , A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

About author – Goes by the nickname “Chikara”