The human form

Ever thought what our purpose on this planet earth is. It’s a question that has been asked by many of us for centuries .

We take birth, grow in a society absorbing good & evil with equal fervor. Over time we become master in learning, from how to ride a bicycle, to some who even can fly a space shuttle. But and its as big but ; how many us have consciously  learned  how to unlearn .

Though it looks not very important at surface but so many things we have taken up in our journey of life that needs to do away with.

Our experience, personal , borrowed or lack of it forms the habits that gives us illusion of necessary skill for survival . For example , a cone artist fools people by misleading his subjects into believing on him. Does his tricks run for long , of course not. Only his action not only damages his credibility but gives society the idea that many among us can be like him thereby creating lack of trust on our fellow being.

Until and unless we learn to first identify the undesirable habits and experience which may not be cleansed by mere dip in holy Ganga but may require the art or better to say science discovered and learned on her bank by the saints for thousands of year called Meditation .


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