foresee it ………

Since ancient times, we have tried to predict the future . Many of us , especially our elder generation ; the first thing  they do when they get their hands on newspaper is to read is to read predictions of the day according to their “Rashi”. The more TV addicts hear these predictions by self-proclaimed Babas

Wearing designer kurtas , Rudrakhs and having long tilak of sandal wood on their forehead early in the morning .

But the debate that if future can be foretold or luck can be created is still far from over . many rituals and acts we do in the name of creating good luck and better future ( at least in India).

But what is luck?

Can it be affected or controlled?

And many more questions about it that yet to be answered my human kind.

If we try to define luck, the first thing that comes to our comes to our mind are the good incidents ( or co incidents ) that may happen in future favorable to us.

If we try to analyze it, let say total no. of incidents with a person in the future be denoted by universal set U. and G be set the good  incidents which may happen and the person is planning & doing hard work to achieve them. Let L set denotes any good incidents hence luck.



In the figure , the  boundaries of set L  can grow to become universal set U or diminishes to become the subset G or further diminishes to  become a point (void).

A little consideration will show that the boundaries sink of L below boundaries of G will face high resistance hence unlikely bot possible.

If we study this Venn diagram closely and relate to our lives , we can understand that set G is something that is in our hands and hence if we plan things that matter to us properly and work hard to achieve it , the set G will grow in size and hence will resist any attempt of L to diminish .

Although set G is in our hands , the set L is result of collective events happening because of interaction of humans as well as environmental factors .It looks like  to control set L which is luck combined efforts are  required in  our part.

After all our religions are teaching the same thing for centuries ………..


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