Brick by brick lets create our very own castle

All weigh a few kilograms when born. The more kilograms one is born above normal lesser may he/she survive. We keep adding a little nourishment everyday and achieve youth, the all powerful and full of life.  So, probably a good start doesn’t matter (or worse can weigh us down) but yes, like being born, a start matters a lot. I am no statistician but If I am allowed to guess then I would say that the demon of “no-start” has shredded many aspirations born out of virtuous existence by his procrastination spell. 
There are starters and then there are non-starters. Starters start and start moving and non-starters keep planing about starting someday dividing the world into “have’s” and “have-nots” (my apologies Marx). But being human and and accepting our humane complexities lets confess that the world is not black and its not white, the world is grey, with hell lot of shades. 
The tragedy is not that there are just starters and non-starters but there are starters turning into non-starters and if we consider the time lag between starters and they turning into non-starters then few will give up on first move of pick-axe and few will give up just before the final dig which would have revealed the treasure turning up their fortune. So, literally there exists a vast spectrum of folks who start but dont finish making our world a grey on. 
The width of spectrum classifying starters who dont finish is mind numbing and one cannot help but bump into such failures quite often where they missed it my an inch or the miles altogether. 
So, start is good but taking the baby steps with resolute consistency towards set goal till the finish is important too hence be a starter and a finisher too. We dont have to move fast but just keep moving like baby steps. The compounding effect of such consistent effort can lead to success beyond initially imagined. 
We overestimate what we can achieve in a day and we under-estimate what we can achieve in an year. So, lets plan our day with a promise of realistic effort towards our aim and lets take our baby steps with consistency and realize the great goal we set for ourselves by power of compounding. Lets make our own castle by adding brick every day, may be just one but add your brick everyday for sure.


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