I am what I am and I would always like to be what I like to be when I think what I should be. I have had a childhood which only I have had and all of you folks also have had a childhood which only you have had and I don’t know a heck about it. So I cannot be you and you cannot be me what childhood has made out of us.

I think, I wonder and I dream of fairies, stars, superheroes and my parents hiding a  big fortune from me which suddenly will be revealed to me someday may be that I am a prince of some sultanate with naked girls running around wooing me to the hilt. I too have dreams which are dreamy and at times pure nasty in a very perverting way. I feel for people when life is not poking me from all sides by giving all what I need. I too think of myself as a special child of god with a purpose specifically designed for me and god watching me from up above guiding me and also recording of my good deeds versus misdeeds.

I too have a story which I think is interesting and I don’t care if you don’t find it interesting. If you don’t listen to my story then I will make my grandchildren hear it because they have to.

I too have my own inspirations and aspirations and I don’t want to change them because you think its not correct, and even if it is not correct then still I want to go ahead with my own mistakes because they are mine and I am possessive, please suck on that. Let me do it and, let me commit my own mistakes and when I come back crying to you, if at all I do, then you get the chance to say things which you are saying right now which is both pre-mature and immature! Or also, if you think really hard, you can just hug me when I come crying to you, wont it be sheer beautiful.

If am dying can you bring me back to life? If I am broke, will you pay for my food? If I am incarcerated will you agree to do my jail term? Then why you have to do and say things affecting me when you cant do much good to me? Why you will say small things, bad things about my eating, sleeping, loving and wearing when I and only me is doing them without even a wisp of its air affecting you hairstyle. If you don’t like something then why you have to damage it, why you can’t just smile and never look at me again?

Why you make my life more difficult when you also have the choice to make it easier by following a simple rule of ‘minding you own business’!

But by telling you what to do and what not do and when you do than  how to do, I am turning myself into you, so I will stop but one truth still is conspicuous and that is that in life anytime I can be you and you can be me because in all ways I am as much you as you are me.


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