Ever been to some new place?

The feeling of awkwardness, new people , new place , new responsibilities  whether it’s a job , new school or a new city .

It is always an issue how to deal with those judgmental eyes of the persons around us. Your every action is scrutinized,  at least an introvert person like me thinks like that.

In a new job its always very tough task  to adjust with the unknown expectation of your colleagues or bosses and any miss judgment can result into long term prejudice of yours.

So what is the way out ???

Well not an expert on that ………. But one of the possible way out of this situation is keeping a low profile in the starting. Try to be polite , be eager to learn and most of all do not show off .

After sometime people will stop judging instantly and   you will have a fare idea how to behave in the new place . Slowly by slowly you can show your personality and the talent u got without any resistance from oldies .

After all a tortoise always wins , isn’t it .

About Author – go by the call name “OREN”

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