Though, life has now taken away its fragrant innocence which use to surround me when I was actually quite innocent, partly because I was actually innocent and partly because life was giving me my baulk-in period sparing me from deciding on harsher things of life. The innocence is gone, the dreams are toxic by spiritual standards, blood runs green (money color) and people around are just instruments to achieve my own ends.

Notwithstanding the tragedy, the memories of foolishness and stupidity are quite enough to swell up own heart till it actually stops by old age or other intangible reasons. The life in childhood use to revolve around school, home and play-ground (when actually available). The school was fun but playground was funnier and home was the institution ensuring we get more fun then funnier. The strategy used by rulers of home was at times brute force, which I will even today say was ‘Wrong’ (yes, with a capital W) but mostly when time was not at premium and life was going good for them the grand strategy was ‘the carrot and stick’ (the great promise that if I do ‘this’ then I get ‘that’).

The terms and conditions were not at all  fare to young ones but that’s the best deal one  could get then.  One perfect example on which all would agree was the grand promise of a bicycle if one comes first in class (ha ha) or (as was for me) if one passes in a respectful manner.  Such grand promises came and busted on face inadvertently but the dreams they stirred in young innocent hearts were protracted and immense.

The dreams were favorite pastimes  then, one can spend days dreaming about some movie rerunning inside own head till the movie becomes totally alienated from what it really was. The promise of a material possession in case we could  fulfill the demand as per terms and conditions of parents gave meat to dream for months. Which , was also precisely the reason for not being able to fulfill it, Ha! The target set was obviously beyond reach and prize set is obviously quite lucrative. the best part about it were the butterflies one feels fluttering their wings, caressing insides of stomach making the world around go all dizzy in excitement.

Never did one win such a prize, may be in movies and TV, but those bets with grand prizes and a feat one could never achieve made us what we are today. We might have not realized the dreams of owning a bike or carom board or a video game (for good) but we have reached a place because of those dreams where we can dream and may be achieve them too.

About Author :-  PSB-I

One thought on “THE CARROT AND THE STICK….

  1. Throughout my childhood I went through endless such dreams that propelled me to achieve the best but I never confided with anyone about those dreams. I thought I am the only one who gets such bizarre ideas but I was wrong. In realityreality everyone who grew around me went through the same. Thank you for giving words to those feelings. Just came back from childhood with a lot of goosebumps.


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