Emotionless world

Humans are gifted with emotions and power to distinguish between right or wrong which makes them superior to animals. Love, care, hatred, fear, trust, etc are different shades of life and without them life would be colourless. Imagine a black and white world. How boring it looks!         Now think of life without any emotion where humans will be more like robots. This is exactly what happening. Leaving a person annoying with pain on road, ignoring a hungry child, feeling no sympathy for dying dog are some of the examples which show our shift towards emotionless world. The most ridiculous thing is that being emotional is out of fashion now a days. Everyone likes to be called practical. We want thing and persons the way we like, otherwise it hurts our ego. In this fast moving world we want to achieve everything instantly and we don’t take even a second thought before exploiting others for personal gains. We forget that a mind that leaves emotions out is impoverished. Plato said, ” All learning has an emotional base”. Emotions help us to make better decision s, perform under stress and against heavy odds. In this digital age of alienation, it is very much required to nurture our relations with emotion s and save humanity from degrading. Just think about it or be prepared for emotionless & colourless  boring world.

About Author:- goes by the call name -Nessa 

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