Only Up It Goes…….

I have met many People, some of them want to upgrade their lives, the other look satisfied with what they got. Many people will show that they are highly intellectual and according to them they can achieve greatness but nobody knows when, including themselves. This is very common quote that human potential is unlimited, you can do anything, can achieve  whatever you want and  whole universe will conspire to achieve it . It is true to a certain extent but to make it true to full extent we have to take care of each and every thought and action to develop your attitude and  habit of managing time efficiently. Generally 95 % people fail because they fail to leave their comfort zone which is very precious to them. They want to fulfill their dreams at their comfort zone which is not possible. Successful peoples do have their stories of risks taken by them. Unsuccessful generally  don’t have, as they never left their comfort zone. When we have nothing to lose we work well  and with full effort and after getting small rewards we started degrading yourself by settling there and playing blame games . Sometimes things seems very easy to achieve and it certainly  is but it demands devotion which cannot be provided by many of us.

After all , A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

About author – Goes by the nickname “Chikara”



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