Is Sharing all about relation or affection..?

 I have often heard my mom complaining that we cousins don’t share our belongings. She always told me stories how she and her sisters used to share their clothes, food and other things with each other. They grew up using things once used by their older siblings, once the siblings grew old there clothes, books were transferred to the younger ones and this tradition was used to continue till that item became useless or obsolete. She usually complains how we don’t respect money since sharing things are economic. How we never learnt the act of respecting valuable items. But do we really don’t respect money or is it something more than that.?

Here is a incident that changed my perspective… One day I was sitting at my friend’s house, and saw one of his rejected shirt. On inquiring I came to know he bought wrong size and now it is useless for him, but he loved that clothing. I was also so interested in that shirt because it was superb. I immediately took it from him and decided to get it fit for my own size.

That very moment I recalled what my mom always complained about. On further analyzing all those thoughts flashed in my mind where having a sip from friends coffee or tea was common in my college days. How taking a bite from a half eaten sandwich was a friendly act. But when family members consciously tried to make us eat with our cousins we denied since it was leftover. only  then I realized what she always meant. Sharing things with cousins was not at all about her relationship with them but it was all about the love and bonding they had in there heart for each other. In today’s modern era we have actually lost that connection with our siblings and every thing has been converted materialistic. Sharing your belongings with your siblings is not a matter of love anymore instead it is all about passing useless items to someone. Or maybe the emotions once we had with our siblings are now shared with our friends. The tradition is still a part of our life but the person has changed. The close connection that todays generation have with there friends, has actually changed the meaning of relations. Today relationship is not about having same blood but it is about the love and feelings we have for someone. Now the world is a unified place where anybody can be close to your heart inspite of caste, creed or culture  because the bonding of friendship is much higher than that. And thus sharing is still there but the person is replaced or the group has actually extended far more than we can see…..

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