The Art Of Counter Balance….

Inspiration can come from anywhere or in any form , we just have to look closely . The life of a common man is a typical example having 9 to 5 job and has family after it. This is an example of average life most of us live . While if we look closely into the lives of achievers , for example Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and our PM Narendra Modi etc, their lives are skewed towards high degree of achievements but little or no personal and family life.
While average people balance their lives and achieve average results , the achievers concentrates only on one part of the equation.
If I see this as an engineering problem and compare it with a CAM , achievement of only one specified motion in a period of cycle is possible while in rest of the cycle we are counter balancing. It becomes apparent to me that success and balanced life can never go hand in hand. The only possible way out is to counter balance our lives, which means concentrating at our goal at one time and personal life on the other.

About Author – P S Baghel

4 thoughts on “The Art Of Counter Balance….

  1. I agree that it is absolutely true. Counter balancing is the real art of living. One who can not manage has to suffer. Thus I feel that this is useful to any one who read it.

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  2. very good post. . once a person learns to live his life fearlessly,freely,unambiguously,.his conscious level works holistically ,that is, with the right balance of success,personal life etc.


  3. Very true,I back u by by quoting some others who achieved fair enough like Bill Gates,Mark and so on.History tells u to follow Arjuna’s path doesn’t mean isolate urself from worldly affairs.Btw well thought and keep on writing.


  4. Achievers always need not be bachelors and only without family life only is possible. Firm determination and self confidence is required to achieve something in life. Ratan Tata achieved a lot not because he is a bachelor. Though he also wanted to lead a married life he could not marry. Had he been even married he would have achieved all this. Above all where there is a will there is a way. Thus a person if works hard with determination by counter balancing in his normal life can achieve lot.

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