A Night

It was a dark night , I was moving very fast on a narrow road with my heart beating  so much intensity that it would come out . Suddenly my leg striked against a stone and i fell down before I realized it. A man  from the dark came very close and stretched his hands to give my identity card back which was fallen from  my bag in a grocery shop earlier  . I stood up and took a sigh of relief . when I  moved forward and passed by a tea shop with a group of men gossiping, i was surprised to see that no one passed any comments or stared at me . That road emerged  out in a market and  I saw there women moving freely so late at night. I asked one of them “is the security system of this city so good?

Did they get permission to go alone outside so late?

She replied “what permission, this is the world of equality. here there is no difference between men and women. They work together. dowry, feticide ,all systems of narrow minded people are things of the past. In such society there comes no question of safety, permission or separate laws “.  When that lady was telling all this , i heard a sharp noise . It was my alarm clock. The sun was peeping through the window and to show the reality.

About Author- the author is doctor by profession and is civil services aspirant

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