Agriculture of Life

It was a spring season  and I went to farm along with my dad.I was elated to see acres of lush green vegetation & moreover to see the happiness in dad’s eyes as one of his dream of being an owner of acres of land was accomplished.We covered the entire perimeter of farm & then my dad asked me to  sow some seeds of wheat. Since childhood I have been always eager to learn about new things & at that tender age of 6 I asked him “Dad I want to eat bread made from my plant’s wheat as I am sowing it for the first time” but the other side of curiosity triggered another question  , what if I would not get the result of the work which i have done ??? I asked him what are the chances that I will be able to see the result of my efforts…the wheat plant.My dad hugged me took into his lap & told me “Beta! always embrace whatever comes into your life” It might be possible that this plant wont grow or it will turn out to be healthy one but you have to be prepared for both the situation and have the guts to face situation.I listened to his words but forgot it soon enough.Years passed I crossed adolescence completed college eventually became a working professional.Everything was smooth until the life confounded me with a hint of good news,the news which can change my entire life, the news for which I have been waiting for 3 years  ,but as life has other plans, my dream didn’t turned out to be true at that time. I confronted the difficult phase of  life,on that day I remembered the lesson of  ‘agriculture of life’  to embrace  whether acceptance or rejection and to deal with it.Thus, somehow I gathered my strength got up & told my pro-founding negative emotions to make distance and learned to embrace I allowed the optimism to overshadow the sorrow,to  accept the reality & to cultivate my life.

About Author – The author is mechanical engineer by profession and presently working as manager in a MNC

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