On the sidelines ……

20160225_130344Today early in the morning, I was traveling from my company’s rest house to project site. It was a cloudy day and a light breeze was gently blowing . This part of Odisha is having vast waste lands and only some patches of Besharam  plant also known as morning glory  can be seen on the road side. These plants were flowering all over the place despite the harsh climate of the region.

At first sight these flowers did not gave me any sense of relaxation or happiness but then I started to wonder,  why is it so?

Those flowers were very beautiful but still unattractive and unworthy for me. The realization that came out next was that despite their beauty and extra ordinary ability to grow even in waste lands, the flowers simplicity  and general availability anywhere has decreased their worth.

The same goes for our relations, someone’s simplicity and ease of availability takes a toll on their worth for us.



One thought on “On the sidelines ……

  1. rightly compared man’s simplcity with the plant called besharam . it is absolutely true that if anybody is simple and humble may worth a lot. one should never treat it as his weekness.


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